What does Dropship BHE do?

Human hair extensions has a global market that exceeds billions at this point.

While many hairstylists and entrepreneurs want to start their own hair extensions and wig businesses, the cost to buy inventory and difficulties to find a reliable hair vendor usually set them back from starting their dream businesses.

Dropship BHE is a program designed to help boss women start their hair extensions business with minimum start-up investment and knowledge. Our dropshipping program allows anyone to start an online hair business without having to have the skills to build website, source good quality human hair, and design brandings. We take care of day to day packaging and shipping for our members so they don’t need to deal with complex worldwide shipping process.

Dropship BHE is the secret warehouse for our clients to ship products directly to the end consumers. This allows them to start their hair businesses with over thousands of products ready to ship without having to actually have hair on hand. Starting a business is no longer a financial drain for people who don’t have large funds or who are too busy to be an entrepreneur full time.

By working directly with top industry manufacturers, Dropship BHE provides the best products and service in this ONE STOP SHOP for hair business entrepreneurs to get packagings, websites, wholesale hair extensions in various styles all in one place.

We are confident that there is NO better way to start your hair business with experts who take care of the heavy lifting for you so you can learn as you grow!

Yes, it does require experience and expertise in hair industry  to start a hair business, but when a hair agency like Dropship BHE has your back, starting a business is stress-free, worry-free, and hassle-free!