Texture Disclaimer
BHE specializes in high-quality human hair extensions. All of our hair is collected from a distinct individual whose hair may have different unique characteristics. We cannot guarantee that the bundles you receive are 100% the same colors, textures, patterns, thickness, nature, however, each hair category is collected from the same origin, thus the texture is very highly similar. We always make sure to pick matching bundles for our clients.

Color Disclaimer
Our hair comes a natural black to medium light brown shades. The color may be slightly different from the product photos on the website due to the difference in light settings. The photos are indeed very similar to the actual products.
Our bundles are single-drawn, meaning that there will be different lengths throughout the bundles.Social Media Disclaimer
Our products on social media may have been styled or altered for certain looks. We cannot guarantee that the hair you receive is exactly the same texture as shown in our social media. The closest representation would be the product photos on our website.

Reaction Disclaimer
Our hair is 100% human hair and each human’s hair may react differently to heat, bleach, coloring treatment, certain conditioners, shampoos, hair products. We cannot guarantee that all the bundles react to styling exactly the same. Though it’s very unlikely that two bundles have visibly different reactions.

Weft Disclaimer
Any wefted hair that is stitched and manufactured is entitled to experience minimum shedding. Even your own human hair may shed. Our hair is strongly double-stitched onto the weft and is less likely to experience excessive shedding. However, sewing through the wefts will cause them to loosen, unravel and break off, leading to excessive hair shedding.

Drop Ship Program Disclaimer
BHE is not responsible for our non-direct customer’s problems, nor are we liable for any promises that are not directly made by us. We are only responsible for any commercial, advertisement, business events and business activities directly stated by us. We do not have unclaimed distributors, sales reps, sales channels, programs, products, staff who claim to act on our behalf. We are not responsible for complaints of services from non-direct customers. We do offer a refund and return if we are at fault, but we are only subject to solving issues and satisfying our direct clients.

We are not responsible for any stolen packages, shipping issues, postage delay caused by the shipping carriers. However, we will try our best to trace your package and offer possible solutions.

We are not responsible for any loss caused by theft and fraudulent activities.
We DON’T offer any Refunds or Exchanges on Shedding once the hair seal is broken or if the hair is altered, washed, installed, colored, cut, manipulated, uncoiled.