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Marketing on Facebook and Instagram for hair extensions and weave business

Do Facebook Ads work for hair extensions business?

Short answer, YES! Facebook ads work perfectly for hair extensions business, especially if you are looking to grow your new LLC small hair business from the ground up.

The reason why we recommend Facebook ads is because they have the lowest entry budget requirement. Their complex targeting system can help you captivate your perfect audience and convert them into paying customers. For a minimum budget of $5 a day, you have the potential to expose your hair extensions brand to tens and thousands of potential buyers on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook bought Instagram).

At this point you may wonder: “well, I have tried the boost post button, and it didn’t work”…

What we want to tell you is that it works, ONLY if you set your ads up correctly.

Think about Facebook ads like investing in the stock market. There is no guarantee that you will make money from it. But if you study the stock market, you will be able to utilize your information better and make better investment decisions. Facebook ads are essentially the same. If you don’t use it correctly and test things out, you are most likely wasting your ad dollars.

In this article, we will point out some common dos and don’ts when running Facebook ads for your hair extensions and weave business.

Don’t hit the “boost button” on your best post

If your hair business has an account on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen notifications like this “This post is doing 90% better than your other posts, boost it to reach xxx people!”.

If you fall into the temptation and boost your post, you will end up getting some likes, maybe a few followers, that’s about it. But your hair business might not make a single sale.

The reason why boosting a post will not really make you any sales is because it’s likely that your post showed up on irrelevant people’s feed. These people may be interested in your hair extensions or not at all. Facebook charges you every time your ad is shown to someone. So if you boost your post, your ads are shown to people who are not going to be your customers, but you will still need to pay your ad bills.

Do use your ads manager to run ads that target hair extensions buyers

Once you connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram page, you will be able to access and create ads in Ads Manager.

You should create ads and write your ad caption in your Ads Manager instead of hitting the boost post button directly on your Facebook or Instagram account.

Ads Manager gives you the options to choose your target audience so you can serve ads to the people who are actually interested in your products.

Don’t target everyone

We have all heard the good saying: you can’t sell to everyone.

A lot of new hair business entrepreneurs start running ads in their Ad Managers like this.

Imagine if you only have $5 or $10 budget, but you want to show your ad to 2.4 million people!

Your ad will perform terribly because your budget will run out before your ad even reached any potential buyer.

Do create a buyer’s persona based on your ideal customer

You should think about what kind of people will buy your hair extensions. It’s really easy to come up with a perfect customer profile. Since Dropship BHE targets hair extensions buyers too, we can offer you some buyer persona examples that are more refined than generic marketing classes can offer.

You don’t need to sell to everyone to make sales, in fact, you want to sell to your ideal customers who will possibly purchase weave or wigs from you. Hair extensions and wigs are consuming products. It’s the best if you target people who will likely to buy from you over and over again.

Here are some examples of buyer personas:


28 years old. Female

She works at a slightly above average paid job and frequently goes out to night clubs and bars with her friends.

Lives in New York

She loves to wear frontals with bundles. Often wears wigs. She likes to change hairstyles.

The budget on hair: $150-$350 USD per 4-6 months. She gets her hair done frequently.

She likes to do: Binge watching Youtube videos and Instagram videos on beauty-related things.

Tina is a young, independent woman who will likely buy from you again and again if she likes your hair, however, she has plenty of other options too since she has been wearing hair for a while.


38 years old. Female

She has been working at a corporate job for over 8 years. She is well paid.

She has a child and has little free time.

She lives in Texas.

She wears leave outs because it’s easy.

Budget on hair: $400-$800 per year.

She likes to do: Vacation, hang out with her husband and their young child. Watch TV online.

Nina is a mature and financially well-suited woman who doesn’t pay too much attention to her appearance because of the busy schedule. However, she will spend a high ticket for good quality and buy every year from your brand.

Doing buyer’s persona will help you figure out who your best customers are (whether Nina or Tina or both).

Facebook ads allow you to target audience by location, interest, behaviors, language, and a few other small aspects. Once you set that up in your Ads Manager, your ad will be served to people who have similar interests like your perfect customer’s persona. This way, you are not losing your ad budget to show your ads to people who are not interested in what you sell.

If you have a small budget such as $5 or $10, you should focus on a few states instead of the entire country.

If your business is local, for example, if you are a beautician who also sells hair extensions and wigs to your customers, then serve your ads in your service area.

Don’t set up the wrong goal for your hair business ad

Now you know to use Ads Manager, the first thing you see when you create your ad is campaign objective.

You can choose from all these objective for your ad to reach the goal that you want to achieve specifically with that ad.

An ad without a goal is like a guarantee of wasting money.

For a business, of course, you’d like to have conversions of sales. But we do not recommend going straight for conversion ads.

This is because your buyers, especially the first time they see your ad, it’s the time that they get to know your company and build trust.

We have all seen those spammy looking sales ads like “buy now $50 off, shop our hair now! #haircompany emoji emoji emoji”.

These ads go straight for sales, and completely ignore a buyer’s journey from knowing that your brand exists, to actually trusting you enough to pull out their wallets.

With a small budget, we recommend running traffic ads first with

  • a clear caption explaining what you sell
  • a clear goal-call to action button such as “shop now” or “learn more”
  • a newsletter subscription form on your main page so people who clicked through to your website will not just leave without leaving any information for you.

After running traffic ad for your hair business for a while, you will start seeing what kind of people buy from you.

We will talk about how to collect ad viewer’s data with Facebook pixel below.

Do use Facebook pixel to collect ad viewer’s data

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you install on your website. This pixel is so powerful that it collects data from your website visitors. With Facebook’s data detecting system, it gathers information of anyone that’s interested in your products. You can then later use this data to run retargeting ads and show up in your customer’s feed every day until they buy from you.

If you don’t know how to install Facebook pixel, check out here.

Don’t only run traffic ads, and ignore retargeting ads

The reason why we say that you 100% should use a pixel to run ads is that you don’t want your ad dollars to be wasted and not even know where to start improving.

Once you install a Facebook pixel, you will see how many times someone added hair extensions to cart in a week. You can then create a custom audience with these people and serve a retargeting ad to them.

Retargeting ads are great if you have a sale and want to convert new or existing customers.

Your audience has seen your ads. So they will most likely trust you more or click open the ad again to get your new sales offer.


Facebook ads are a perfect small budget advertisement for you to test out your hair extensions business. Using Facebook pixel, correct targeting and retargeting ads, you can build the perfect funnel to monetize from social media. This way, you will sell more hair extensions and wigs consistently without wondering where your next sale comes from.

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