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Can I return a product to Dropship BHE?

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Dropship BHE staff manually look through your order, check for errors and contact you to confirm, print a white-labeled order slip on your behalf, package orders in your branding then make sure products are speedily sent out to your customers.

Due to the complex procedure and great care we take for your Dropship BHE orders, we, unfortunately, cannot honor returns of products.

However, we offer exchange requests within 15 days after receiving the product. Please see the instructions here.

Customer wants to return their purchase for “not what I wanted”, “hair is not human hair”, “don’t want it anymore”, “hair is thin”…What should I do?

Your customer says “this is not what I expected”, “I just don’t want it anymore”

For us, as your hair supplier, we can only display product photos and descriptions at our best ability. Due to the complex procedures of how Dropship BHE orders are processed, unfortunately, we cannot honor return requests for “not what I expected” or customer’s change of heart. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read all product descriptions.

However, if you accept returns, you can tell your customer to ship the merchandise in the original condition to yourself.

Your customer says the “hair is bad”, “hair is not human hair”

Claims such as “hair is bad”, “hair is not human hair”, are NOT defects.

We sell 100% human hair. All product information, such as color, length, bleaching ability, longevity, etc are MARKED and EXPLAINED on our website. Unfortunately for eCommerce, there are MANY people who buy things online to try, then use “bad quality” claims to force full refunds and avoid paying for shipping. We are a wholesale hair company with a low margin that cannot cover costs for customers to try products for free.

If a customer didn’t tamper with the product and just wants to return, you can tell them to return the package to yourself.

If a customer tampered with the product, you should reject returns of used hair.

Your customer says “hair is thin”…

We clearly display wig density options on our website as 150 (1.5-3bundles with frontal), 180 (2.5-4 bundles with frontal, this is also the most hair we can fit on a wig), as well as hair’s grade, weight, bleaching ability etc. If a customer wants fuller hair, you can suggest that they exchange to a higher density hair or purchase more bundles.

Your customer says “hair sheds”…

Any hair hand-tied onto lace grids and sewed onto a weft will HAVE some sort of minimum shedding. It’s impossible to expect hair extensions that do not shed a strand. Even your own hair would shed.

Curly hair and long hair, due to friction, will possibly shed more than silk straight texture and short lengths.

Correct wearing and hair care will greatly reduce hair shedding.

Bundles shedding: You can tell your customer to check if their stylist sewed through the weft. Sewing through the weft WILL cause excessive shedding and it’s incorrect way to wear weft hair. Sewing around the weft is the correct way.

You can also tell the customer to check if their stylist cut the weft. Cutting the weft is also incorrect way to sew. The stylist needs to sew around the weft and use the folding method.

You can recommend your customer to ask their stylist to re-sew the hair back to the weft and a weft sealer to use the extensions again.

Wigs shedding: Wigs have large parts of hair strands that are hand-tied onto the lace. You can recommend your customer to use a lace grids sealer.

For lace frontal wigs, your customers can use a weft sealer on the tracks.

For full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs, they will probably shed more than wigs with tracks due to the nature of the products. You can recommend your customer to use a lace grid sealer.

My customer says lace doesn’t blend

If the lace is too light, you can recommend your customer to use lace tint.

If the lace is too dark, it’s naturally harder to blend with a lighter skin tone But you can recommend your customer to get transparent lace or use make up to cover it up.

Also they can take the hair to a professional stylist to bleach the knots.

We generally offer transparent lace and brown lace for all customers to choose from according to their complexions.

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