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How do I add products to my own website?

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Self-Service: We offer an inventory file for Shopify and WooCommerce websites at $19.99USD. If you are tech-savvy or don’t mind spending some time to configure your file, you can choose this automatic importing file. It includes all the product photos available on, simple product descriptions, and all the variations including our wholesale prices. However, for self -service, you are responsible for any errors during the import. We can’t guarantee that all the inventory information will be imported correctly as it is known that automatic import WILL have errors here and there.

Professional Service: If you want a clean, easy, and error-free import, it’s better to hire our tech team. Our in house BFA designers will ensure that all products are imported correctly. Not only that, we will also make custom category photos that match the color theme and LOGO of your brand. They will also add your desired profit percentage and teach you how to adjust prices yourself.

This service comes with free editing, so in the future when we roll out new inventory and you still don’t know how to add them, you can contact our tech team directly.

This service is for all websites.

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