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How do I join your Dropship BHE program?

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Our Dropship BHE program gives you access to dropshipping wholesale hair extensions worldwide! To sign up, you can choose from 4 memberships

Monthly Membership -> 30 day trial at $9.99USD + $29.99USD/month -> SIGN UP HERE

Quarterly Membership -> $69.99USD every 3 months, + $10 store credit upon signing up -> SIGN UP HERE

Yearly Membership -> $239.99/year, $50 store credit EVERY YEAR -> SIGN UP HERE

Website + Dropship Membership -> One-time website set up fee (includes a custom website, product photos, product descriptions, abandoned cart, free subscription function, order emails, business emails, full control of hosting back end, etc ) + $19.99USD/month -> SIGN UP HERE

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