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How much does it cost to add my own LOGO packagings

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We offer very affordable branded packagings directly on our website HERE. We work directly with multiple packaging manufacturers. For your convenience, all packagings come in the best sizes for your business.

Something affordable to start with is hair labels and hang tags which start at only $70 USD for 500pc. Most people start with these options. These packagings can be used on bundles, wigs, and any other products we offer.

Our products already come in individually wrapped plastic packagings. Hair length is marked on there as well. Hair labels and hang tags go perfectly with our already packaged products.

You can also consider satin hair bags to package your bundles or wigs.

Lastly, you can add a professional shining business brochure in your package. We offer LUXE custom designs for business brochures.

ALL SIZES, COLOR, DESIGNS, MATERIALS, ADD-ONS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE. If you don’t see what you want on our website, please contact to place your custom packaging orders.

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