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I want to cancel my membership, but I have custom branding stored at Dropship BHE warehouse.

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If your membership is inactive or canceled, but you have custom branding stored at Dropship BHE, you can contact to ship the brandings to you. (shipping fee $8.99 to $19.99 USD for US, UK, Canada, Europe, $20-$45USD for Africa/South America, this is calculated by weight, all of our brandings have free shipping already so to ship the branding to you, you will be responsible for the extra shipping fee)

If we do not receive a response, your branding number will be voided permanently after 90 days, your brandings WILL be disposed of from our warehouse. Please know that we are only responsible for your branding storage if you are an active Dropship member.

Dropship BHE is NOT responsible for your branding’s maintenance and storage if you are not an active member.

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