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Is your hair good? Is it virgin hair? How long does it last?

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Our hair is 100% human hair. We offer 4 hair grades including one type of virgin remy hair (affordable), one type of virgin hair (affordable), a higher quality virgin hair (best seller), raw virgin hair (luxurious but limited).

Remy hair is slightly processed but it’s super affordable. Lasts up to 6 months to a year with proper care. We have received many positive feedbacks for this hair even through it’s not virgin hair.

Malaysian virgin hair is 100% cuticle intact human hair sourced from China and Southeast Asia, bundled in factory in China. Hair is finer compared to Brazilian virgin hair but it can last for a lot longer than remy hair.

Brazilian virgin hair is our best seller, 100% cuticle intact human, full from the weft to the tips with little flyaways.

SEA raw virgin hair contains 90-95% long strands with barely any flyaways. This hair can last up to 3 years with proper care and it’s so full and beautiful. However, due to how raw hair is collected, each bundle’s textures may slightly vary, it is also limited in style and textures because we need to make sure that this hair is 100% pure.

Check out this article HERE for a scientific break-down on our hair grades.

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