Introduction to Dropship BHE

What is dropshipping:

Dropship BHE gives you access to dropship over 200+ types of virgin human hair extensions and wig products directly to your customers. It’s risk free, discrete and conveniently online! You can place orders at wholesale prices 24/7 and run your business anywhere you like!


You don’t need a big inventory to provide various styles, lengths, product selections.

We take care of packaging and shipping on your behalf. If you store custom branding at our warehouse, we package hair extensions in your packagings.

You can start your hair business with little overhead expenses on inventory so you can focus your budget on marketing which entrepreneurs often overlook.

How do I sign up or get started?


Website + Dropship membership Includes:

  • Full access to dropship all products on Dropship BHE
  • A custom-built eCommerce website for your business (not a template)
  • Free product photos for all products available on Dropship BHE
  • Blazing fast hosting for FREE, you have control of the hosting and the website fully!
  • Tech support for website
  • Abandoned cart emails, newsletters subscriptions, review emails, and more amazing eCommerce features.

FEE: Website set up fee + $19.99/month dropshipping membership fee.

Dropshipping Memberships

Monthly Membership: 30 day trial for $9.99USD, then $29.99USD/month


  • 30 day trial period
  • Full access to dropshipping all products on Dropship BHE
  • Free LOGO order slips for each order

Quarterly Membership (recommended): $69.99USD every 3 months, $10 cash store credit is given upon sign up. You can use the store credit on any purchase on


  • Save more on the membership fee. $10 store credit.
  • Full access to dropshipping all products on Dropship BHE
  • Free LOGO order slips for each order

Yearly Membership (recommended if you have clients already): $50 store credit every year. $239.99USD/ per year.


  • Save more on the membership fee. $50 store credit every year!
  • Full access to dropshipping all products on Dropship BHE
  • Free LOGO order slips for each order

Have a website already?

Download our inventory file to load products to your store here or hire our professional tech team to load products to your website here.

What happens after I sign up?

All members will need to have an ID verification before we can ship any orders to eliminate any attempt to abuse our dropship program. All sign-ups will be followed with an email for you to submit your ID. It is completely safe! You may blur out any sensitive information except for your name and a photo.

After signing up for Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly memberships:

After your account is confirmed (generally takes less than 30 minutes if you sign up during business hours), you will receive Get Started links which we recommend that you read carefully to understand how to use our dropshipping program.

After signing up for Website + Dropship membership:

After your account is confirmed (generally takes less than 30 minutes if you sign up during business hours), our tech team will open a hosting space for your website and request information to build your website. You will receive progress reports until your website is finished under 14 business days.

For details, please look on each membership’s page.

What about branded packaging?

Dropshipping is fun! But how about dropshipping hair extensions in your own LOGO branded packagings?

How to add branding to your dropshipping orders

Step 1: Choose your brandings HERE.

Step 2: Submit your LOGO or design, if you don’t have one, order a custom LOGO HERE! If you want professional designs more than a LOGO, check out our add-on services HERE.

Step 3: Confirm your design, receive your custom branding #, This is what you need to put in the “Order notes” pad during checkout to let us know you have brandings stored with us.

Step 4: Choose to store all your brandings at Dropship BHE, or choose to ship half (or all) of the brandings to yourself.

Step 5: Receive picture confirmation of your branded packagings or receive them in your mail.

What to expect from Dropship BHE?

Dropship BHE is designed to help you start your hair business without inventory. Dropshipping is a business model that helps you get started without too much overhead expense.

A hair business, no matter dropshipping or not, is still a business that requires effort from the owner. Dropship BHE is not a get rich quick program. If you are not a determined hair boss who would put in hard work and time to market your business, talk to your customers, post on social media, etc, we can’t guarantee your success either.


Sign up for Monthly Membership NOW and enjoy $9.99 for 30 day trial.

Monthly Membership

Sign up for Quarterly membership and get $10 store credit instantly! Save more every month!

Quarterly Membership

Sign up for Yearly membership and receive $50 every year! Save more on membership fee!

Yearly Membership

Get a custom website, free product images, free hosting, abandoned cart, newsletters features and full access to dropshipping!

Website + Dropship Membership

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