Welcome to the wonderful dropshipping world.

We know you are here because we have taken an important step to launch your hair extensions business! Whether you operate your business online or take clients.

Here are a few things you can do before you fully launch your brand.

Dropship BHE product prices 

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A general profit rule of thumb is 50-80% for shorter and cheaper items,30-50% for long and expensive hair. 

It’s great because whatever profit you add on to your store, it’s all yours!

BHE has taken care of foreign currency exchange, shipping fluctuations, international payment fees, warehouse maintenance and even simple packagings. 

If you are dropshipping, make sure that you update your shipping policy to match ours. This is important so your customers know what to expect.

We require signatures for all packages. Please state that on your shipping policy page.

Shipping & Return Policy Template 

We encourage you to write enticing product descriptions on each product page to boost your sales and make your customers happy to buy your product.

Our shipping fees are low because we cover a large portion of expensive international shipping fees and any fluctuations for foreign currency exchange.

General rule for hair store’s shipping fee is US $10.95USD, UK CANADA, EUROPE, AUS $15.59 USD, AFRICA/SOUTH AMERICA $45USD

Please make sure that your shipping is slightly above ours to cover any credit card processor’s fee.

Please make sure that you comply with your state’s tax law so you can collect the correct amount of taxes.

Some of our products include processing time. This is also listed on Shipping Policy.

Please see our Return Policy to arrange your own.

It’s inevitable for customers to want to exchange an item sometimes. Please collect the information we require from your customers and send back the item to our Return address stated on Return Policy page.

Sometimes a customer returns a hair product because they don’t know how to properly put it on.

You should always have an open mind to help your customers if they are not sure how to care for their hair extensions.

Due to how we process dropship orders, all sales are final but we are glad to provide exchanges. 

It’s always good to receive a package with order details.

If you want to include a custom order receipt for free for all your dropship orders. Please send your LOGO to members@brandedhairextensions.com. 

Please include the following information so we can make a order detail template for you and issue you a branding number.

1 Company name

2 Company website (if you have)

3 Social media handles

4 Kind words such as “thank you for shopping

This order template will automatically include simple hair care instructions. 

Once a custom branding number is issued, it is permanent. Please keep it safe on your computer or phone. 

When you place a dropship order, you can place this custom branding# in the Order Notes pad during checkout. 

Our staff will pick and choose the product information and print a receipt without pricing information.

Need help with ordering on dropship.brandedhairextensions.com?

Let's work on building your 6 figure hair legacy!

It is great that you have an efficient funnel for your customers to place orders on your website. But do you know that using proper marketing strategies can help you attract new customers from all over the world?

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