Download Dropship BHE Inventory File (For WooCommerce + WordPress)


This inventory file includes all products available for dropshipping, product descriptions, inventory categories, product photos that match


WooCommerce file: includes product photos, descriptions, all available products with Dropship BHE prices.

Shopify file: THIS FILE DOES NOT WORK FOR SHOPIFY. Shopify has recently removed the function to import XML or CSV file from WooCommerce. If you need help with importing Dropship BHE products to your Shopify store, please purchase our technical support ticket HERE or hire a developer to convert this file to be compatible to Shopify.

Please know that this is a self-service file that includes photos, product information and prices for thousands of variations of our products. Our files can give you an easy start to import products yourself, however, due to the nature of technology, we can’t guarantee that everything will import perfectly. If you are worried about products not importing correctly, please order professional service here so our tech team can help you import products to your store.

You are allowed to use all the stock photos in this file as your own on social media and more to advertise your hair business!

You will be responsible to fix any importing issues related to your store.

We currently do not have import files for other platforms such as Wix, Square, Big Cartel, Godaddy as those website providers do not allow importing.

You may re-download the file again. If we update inventory, you will also have access to download the new file.

If you’d like our professional team to import products to your store and make sure that everything is correctly imported, please order the service here.

All sales are final for this item.

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How to import inventory file

How to import WooCommerce

This file does NOT work for Shopify as Shopify has recently removed the function to import files other than Shopify mapped CSV. If you need assistance importing products to a Shopify or WooCommerce store, please purchase our technical support ticket HERE.

Steps to take AFTER importing the files

WooCommerce: download PW edit, edit products by category.

This file contains all Dropship BHE products and is not formatted to organize your listing in your specific WooCommerce shop. Please also make sure to go into each product and compare with the information on Dropship BHE to make sure that your product details, photos and price variations are what you want for your website.


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