SEA Double-Drawn Straight (11A) Bundles + Closure


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Choose an option
10-12-14 + 10″ Closure(OUT OF STOCK)
10-12-14 + 8″ Closure(OUT OF STOCK)
10-10+10"Closure(OUT OF STOCK)
12-14-16 + 12″ Closure
12-14-16+10"Closure (SOLD OUT)
14-16-18 + 14″ Closure
16-18-20 + 16″ Closure

Save more with our bundles+closure deals.

Deal includes: three bundles/four bundles + one 4*4 closure.

Southeast Asian raw virgin double drawn hair


deal includes: 3 bundles or 4 bundles

Full from weft to tips, containing 95% long strands. Double drawn hair is long hair folded in half, then trimmed at the ends so every strand is the same length.

Can be reused. Can be easily styled with heat

Minimal shedding or tangling

Double machine weft

Natural hair tone


Double Drawn Collection

This collection features some of the most luxurious hair in the market. Our double drawn hair does not contain flyaways. Double drawn hair is very long hair folded in half then trimmed at the ends so every strand is the same length, resulting in the fullest bundle possible!

  • Hair Lengths 10″-28″
  • Can be lifted to 27/613 blonde
  • Machine Weft
  • 3.5-3.8oz per bundle
  • Grade 11A
  • Natural Virgin Color
  • Free of any chemicals
  • Can be curled, straightened
  • Can last up to 2 years with proper care
Q: How many bundles do I need?
A: The amount of hair you need for a full head depends on your preference and the length you want. We generally use the rule below:

12″ – 14″  2 Bundles

16″ – 22″  3 Bundles

24″ – 30″  4-5 Bundles 

Double your longest length when purchasing hair longer than 24″ so that you have a full bottom. For example, 24×1, 26×1, 28×2. Sometimes you will need 5 bundles for a very full sew-in. Closures will not substitute the amount of bundles you will need. Frontals may reduce the amount of bundles depending on your length.   

Additional information

Weight 35-3.8 oz
Bundle+Closure Length

10-12-14 + 10″ Closure(OUT OF STOCK), 10-12-14 + 8″ Closure(OUT OF STOCK), 10-10+10"Closure(OUT OF STOCK), 12-14-16 + 12″ Closure, 12-14-16+10"Closure (SOLD OUT), 12-12-12+12"Closure, 14-16-18 + 14″ Closure, 14-16-18+12"Closure, 14-14-14+14"Closure, 16-18-20 + 16″ Closure, 16-18-20+14"Closure, 16-16-16+16"Closure, 18-18-18+18"Closure, 20-20-20+20"Closure


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