Russian Blonde Body Wave Bundles+Frontal

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3 bundles + 13*4 frontal

Color: 613 Russian Blonde

Body Wave

Baby hair: a moderate amount

plucked: slightly, please find a stylist to pluck your hairline according to your facial structure.

Usability: closure and frontal can last up 4-12 weeks but needs to be retouched every 2-3 weeks. Bundles last up to a year with proper care.

Lace: thin medium brown lace, fits most skin complexions.

Excessive plucking may cause more shedding and balding, please be gentle with your frontal as lace is really thin/delicate and can be ripped easily.

Processing same day if ordered before 2PM EST, shipping 3-5 business days.

Please note: 613 hair is all processed hair. Please be gentle when styling your blonde extensions and try to keep manipulation of this hair to minimum. This will help your 613 hair last a longer time.

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Color Collection

Our Russian Blonde 613 hair can be dyed, and styled easily. This hair is very healthy and versatile. It’s processed from high quality raw hair. The hair won’t shed like what usually blonde hair would do. This hair is smooth and has great luster and it won’t start looking stringy and dull after a short amount of time. Besides the amazing bundle deals, this hair also comes pre-dyed meaning that you have a wide collection of dyed hair on demand. We carry  613, 1b/613, 1b/27, 1b/30, 1b/99J, 1b/red, 1b/blue, 1b/pink, grey, 1b/grey and 1b/4/27. These pre-dyed bundles save you a lot of time from coloring and also prevent coloring “mistakes” that can possibly ruin your extensions.

  • Hair Type: Process Raw Virgin Hair
  • Weight: 3.5-3.8 oz per bundle
  • Weft: Machine Weft Double Stitch
  • Closure Size: 4*4
  • Frontal Size: 13*4

Additional information

Bundle+Frontal Length

10-12-14 + 10″ Frontal(SOLD OUT), 10-10+10"Frontal(SOLD OUT), 12-14-16 + 12″ Frontal, 12-12-12+12"Frontal, 12-14-16+10"Frontal, 14-16-18 + 14″ Frontal, 14-14-14+14"Frontal, 14-16-18+12"Frontal, 16-18-20 + 16″ Frontal, 16-16-16+16"Frontal, 16-18-20+14"Frontal, 18-20-22 + 18″ Frontal, 18-18-18-+18"Frontal, 18-20-22+16"Frontal, 20-22-24 + 20″ Frontal, 20-20-20+20"Frontal, 20-22-24+18"Frontal, 22-24-26 + 20″ Frontal, 22-22-22+20"Frontal, 24-26-28 + 20″ Frontal, 24-24-24+20"Frontal, 26-26-26+20"Frontal, 28-28-28+20"Frontal


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