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$599 $499 website sign up fee and $29.99 $19.99/month recurring payment 

Who wants to launch their eCommerce hair extensions store in 7-14 business days? This website + dropship membership gives you a custom build website (NOT a template, we custom build your design to your liking) and full access to dropshipping!

We will build a fully functional site with your logo, your contact information. We will install the most used website building software WordPress, set up E-commerce plugins and PayPal payment so you can start cashing in right away! Not only that, as long as you are a member, we can support any technical issues for your site within our ability.

We will pre-load all the product images and descriptions. No need to set up products yourself. Our inventory is pre-installed. We also help you set up your profit percentage. You are free to add products that are not from Dropship BHE.

You gain access to Drop Ship Membership unlimited! All the goodies that come with our dropshipping membership such as low product prices, free order slips are included.

Your website is hosted for free! Hosting alone can cost hundreds a month but we can host your website for free on our own dedicated server. Your website will also get free SSL, free subscription newsletter set-up, abandoned cart emails, review emails, and can work with Facebook, Instagram ads, Google shopping, and third-party selling platforms.

What happens after signing up:

1 Please click the “JOIN” button and complete the signup process.

2 After completing the above step, you will receive an email from to verify your ID information. Please see membership terms for more information about this security measure. After verifying your account, you will receive membership confirmation details including sign up date, policies, etc.

3 You will receive an email notifying you that you have a ticket open for your website project. Our representative will contact you through the ticket and ask for information to proceed with your website building. Here is the information we need.

a. Name of your business

b. Your Logo PDF, if you don’t have one, your plan includes a free LOGO, please let us know if you need a LOGO built for you.

c. Your business social media accounts URL direct links. (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest if you have)

d. *Your domain name(,etc.) and its login username and password. If you don’t have a domain, you can purchase on

e. Send us the content for your return and shipping policy. If you don’t have we can generate one for you.

f. Send us a paragraph for the “about us” page.

g. Send us your shipping and policy. If you don’t have, we have standard templates for you.

h. Send us your PayPal business account logins and password or Stripe business account. We recommend opening a brand new Paypal business account. We will need to login to your Paypal account to set it up with your website.

i. *The name of the template that you like. We can customize the color and the looks based on your request. Please let us know any color/theme/function/ requests you may have. All images can be exchanged, switched, etc. (template listed below, we require this because we need a general idea to proceed to build your custom website)

j. Please let us know which products you’d like to sell on your site. If you don’t know yet, we will load everything to your site.

k. Profit percentage, we normally automatically load 50%. But if you are from another country or have custom duties etc, please provide the desired percentage you’d like us to add for you.

l. What’s your language requirements?  We are able to add most languages for automatic translation from English.

m. Do you want live chat function on your website? Having live chat means that you will need to be available to answer questions as soon as someone initiates a chat at all business hours.

We will need the above information to proceed! BHE is not responsible for any delay due to missing information or clients who do not respond.


1 Minimalist View Minimalist Demo

2 Gold Queen View Gold Queen Demo

3 Golden Gyal Hairstylist Store View Golden Gyal Hairstylist Demo

4 Hair Biz Boss View Hair Biz Boss Demo

5 Floral Season View Floral Season Demo

6 Visual Pleaser View Visual Pleaser Demo

Turn around time 7-14 business days. We do not accept refund/return/exchange for this product.

Please read the Membership Terms prior to signing up as we require identity verification for this membership to eliminate risks related to dropshipping.

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Let Real Graphic Designers & Hair Experts Build Your Website, NO FRUSTRATION, NO HASSLE.

What Does Website Building Service Include?

Website + dropship membership includes:

  • free light speed fast hosting
  • dropshipping full access + free order slips for dropship orders
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic website backup
  • product photos+descriptions
  • full control of your website and hosting
  • newsletters, private accounts, abandoned cart emails, review emails, ability to link to Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.
  • translation softwares
  • custom category photos, campaign photos
  • hands on tech support with Help Desk

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

1 Put a mark-up on our low prices, then when a customer places an order on your website or in person, the money will be in your PayPal or bank account.

2 Log in to, order the same products, put in your customer’s order detail and address, pay for the order at wholesale price with your own PayPal or bank card. If you have a custom branding number, put in that number, then proceed to checkout.

3. We will package and send products to your customers and update tracking numbers to your email. If you have custom branding stored at our warehouse, our staff will manually go through your order details, print your order slips, and package products according to your branding number.

Our shipping is handled by third party logistics companies! Dropship BHE is the best discrete dropshipping program to help you sell YOUR brand without inventory!


Can I change anything on my website?

Yes! You will have full control of your website once we deliver it!

What should I do after I receive the website?

You should edit and re-write product descriptions and add your brand’s personality! If you have an online business, you NEED to learn how to use your website, edit things and add products yourself and put in the effort to market your brand!

Why do I need to pay membership?

Dropshipping means that we need to buy inventory, sometimes, unnecessarily large inventory so you can dropship products as you desire. This also means our staff will need to read between the lines of your order details and package products, print order slips on your behalf. Website membership also includes free hosting and dropshipping access, hosting can cost hundreds a month anywhere else. In order to provide a dedicated dropshipping program where YOU can sell hundreds of products without actually buying them, the membership fee is unavoidable.

How long does it take for you to build the website?

7-14 business days (usually around 10 business days) unless a customer does not respond to our speedy developers.

Can you re-edit my website?

We offer hands-on tech support to provide instructions for you, however, after a project is finished, we can only re-edit or re-design up to a certain extent. It is the business owner’s responsibility if they want a different look for their website after the initial agreement.

Will Google show my website?

Yes, but it may not show as the first on Google. If a website is in first place on Google, that means that this company has put money and work into their SEO or have an odd name. Your website will definitely show on Google, we just can’t guarantee if it shows in the first place since SEO is a specialty that can cost thousands of dollars per month for an established company.



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