Yearly Membership ($50 Rewards)


Join Yearly Membership and receive $50 cash rewards now and every year!

For $239.99 every year, this membership not only saves you a good amount on membership fees but also gives you $50 cash rewards every year! Sign up now and receive $50 in your store credit instantly.


  • full access to dropshipping + $50 store credit instantly back and $50 back every year upon renewal.
  • FREE PROFESSIONAL product import to Shopify/WooCommerce (originally $69.99USD)
  • order slips for each dropship order
  • private labeling service

We require ID verification to eliminate dropshipping risks since we are not sending products to your own address. For details of this membership, please read the Membership Terms.

Feel free to chat with us before you join.

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Have a website already? 

You can choose self service inventory file $19.99USD to import products to your Shopify/WooCommerce shops, or hire our team to import to any website at $69.99USD and we can help you map product categories, organize and arrange your menu, even add profit for you! (For websites that are not Shopify/WordPress, please submit your website logins to for website inspect as we may not be able to import products in some websites)

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How Does Drop Shipping Work?

1 Put a mark-up on our low prices, then when a customer places an order on your website or in person, the money will be in your PayPal or bank account.

2 Log in to, order the same products, put in your customer’s order detail and address, pay for the order at wholesale price with your own PayPal or bank card. If you have a custom branding number, put in that number, then proceed to checkout.

3. We will package and send products to your customers and update tracking numbers to your email. If you have custom branding stored at our warehouse, our staff will manually go through your order details, print your order slips, and package products according to your branding number.

Our shipping is handled by third-party logistics companies! Dropship BHE is the best discrete dropshipping program to help you sell YOUR brand without inventory!



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